Why I made it

Go anywhere, pricy or cheap, pick up a brush ... and try to use it. Sometimes you'll find something that works for you, but never everything. None of the handles that you will find turn easily by the fingers. Professional hairdressers used to spend hours every day drying hair with round hairbrushes. They don't anymore. Why? The brushes don't work. Instead, they take the easy, damaging, way out.
First, the handle on this brush is designed to fit the hand, and easily turn in the hand by the fingers. Round, square. They don't work. They hurt.
Second, bristles design and configuration. The angle bristles are placed in a brush determine whether the brush glides through the hair as it's turned, or refuses to do so. The original brush has the ideal angle of bristle insertion. The bristles are manufactured to work at the temperatures blow dryers maintain, keeping the proper working rigidity, while at the same time not being so stiff, which makes it comfortable for the client.
Third, the quantity of bristles per tuft, length and graduation or not within a tuft, are also important factors.
One basic fact remains. Drying the hair in this fashion lays the cuticle down, making the hair shiny and healthy.

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