Paris roundbrush

Twenty-five years ago, in Paris studying to be a hairdresser, there was a little shop on Passage de la Industrie that sold one item: hand-made, round hairbrushes. The one and only worker, the craftsman/shop owner, proudly stood behind his small display case. Years prior, there may have been more craftsman like him on that street. But no more. That was the only real brush Paris still had to offer. The problem was the brushmakers had made too good of a tool. The thing seemed to last forever. They put themselves out of business. I paid $150 U.S. dollars (about 300 francs), and still have it today. Although after 25 years, I have retired it. Take a look at it, you'll see it's been It became my favorite tool. Studying with some of Paris' most well known runway editorialists at the time, it was always in my hand. Year after year, my clients hounded me to get them one from Paris. The Parisian hairdressers would laugh and ask, "How long have you had this? That's why they don't make them anymore." Searching coast to coast for four craftsmen (a woodturner, a bristle maker, a bristle injector and a wood finisher), it now exists. For the full story, please see my Blog.

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