Why Vinegar?

Paris taught me to formulate my own developers for highlights. If I got these on my hands it burned for hours. I suffered for years until I discovered apple cider vinegar shampoo. It instantly neutralized the burn. It hit me. All shampoos aren't created equal. I understood for the first time the importance of being able to neutralize that corrosive effect in the hair. A degree of corrosive action happens every time hair is colored, and can last up to 24 hours. Not good. Apple cider vinegars have been around in various incarnations for 50 years. Sooner or later the marketing department takes over. Sex sells, and vinegar isn't sexy. To my knowledge I'm the only one making real apple cider vinegar shampoo (over 45% apple cider vinegar, 0% water filler). Apple cider vinegar is important because the smell rinses out. If any of the sexy replacements worked as well, I wouldn't have made Cidre. I didn't cut corners anywhere. The shampoo base is pure coconut oil surfactants. And I didn't skimp. I made this for the love of the product. Cidre. Only at www.Maxloveslulu.com.®

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